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6. What are the key questions to ask an adjuster to gain his business?

There are several things to consider.  The first is that there is no question that is going to get you  a job.  Developing a relationship with adjusters is a process not a meeting.  Here are some considerations:

  1. If an insurance company has a claims program, you will have to go through the process to get "on the list".  Most captive companies have specific vendor program or work through a third party administrator (Crawford, Code Blue, etc.)

  2. Make sure you are talking to the right person - do they have the ability to determine new contractors?

  3. Have an objective for your meeting 
    a. Get one claim
    b. Have them come to tour your facility
    c. Agreement for a follow up meeting 
    d. An introduction to others in the office 

  4. If the adjuster is able to direct work then you can work through the following process: 
    a. First off it is best to work through a project and prove that you are creditable - so an effective agent marketing program can improve your chances of getting started with the first project.
    b. If you are prospecting, I would start by asking them a few questions
          i) What are your top issues and concerns in working with restoration contractors? 
          ii) Who do you currently work with and what do you like about their service? 
         iii) What do you wish restoration contractors would do on a project? 
         iv) If you were a contractor - what would you do to separate yourself from the other contractors? 

  5. Understand that there is an expectation that you do quality work, are on-call 24/365 and have state of the art equipment. Anyone else that talks to the adjuster will focus on the features of their service - Start with the assumption that they expect contractors to do this.  In your presentation I would review the following:
    a. Address their statements from your questions above 
    b. Talk about what you do particularly well and different from the others
          i) Great customer service - back up with procedures or training or great stories
          ii) Review your procedures for timely estimates, detailed paperwork or supplements
          iii) Give them some examples of your successes and cheerleader clients

  6. After your meeting 
    a. Send a follow up thank you note
    b. Follow up with a 2-4 week visit, call, email or other? (A lot of adjusters screen contractors by their follow up - they assume that the non-serious contractors will just go away. - persistence is your friend)
    c. Try and get them industry information or something that will help them in their position  - not just information on your company or service - but provide them real information they can use. 

Your goal is the first job - that is your audition - make sure you perform exceptionally - the first job is not going to be the $100,000 loss - most likely a $2,200 bathroom water damage repair.  Do these well and move up to the bigger and better jobs. You may just get a couple of free estimates.  Your performance and timeliness are important for these and all jobs. 

Best of luck and thanks for your question - do not hesitate to contact me if you have other questions.

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